The media landscape is more complex than ever but our approach to media planning and buying is simple. We clarify the complicated by aligning the right media opportunities with your objectives.

Our singular focus on media in all its forms means that we’ve gathered a wealth of knowledge and experience over the past 24 years. We have no unnecessary middlemen and you’ll deal directly with our team, working one-on-one with our planners and buyers.

We seek results above all for our clients. That takes a solid understanding of media fundamentals combined with the thoughtful application of new technology and emerging media.

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Mediactive emerged from our desire to bring together outstanding client service, strategic thinking, continued learning and objective ethical conduct from the outset.

Founded in 1994, we set out to fill the strategic media gap left by larger organizations. We’ve never taken a “cookie-cutter” approach—each client receives exactly the services they need, tailored precisely for their marketing and communications objectives.

Media overall has seen significant change over the past couple of decades, but our philosophy hasn’t. Demand for our services continues to grow. We’ve worked directly with a varied and impressive portfolio of clients as well as many advertising and communication agencies.


Most agencies employ a standard protocol—brief, plan, present and buy. It’s a traditional approach that functions well enough but lacks flexibility and client engagement. Mediactive actually recommends another midway meeting during the planning process itself.

This additional meeting provides us with an opportunity to reveal the overall direction of the plan at a point in time that allows for better client input. The feedback refines our strategy and tactics, ensuring the final media plan is on target.

Documentation throughout the process is key. Once the plan is approved and media negotiations are complete, a final buy document is produced. And, upon completion of the campaign, a post-buy report is prepared and the work is assessed against the objectives.

The goal is an efficient, effective and frustration-free client experience.


experts in all media vehicles

We are experts in the assessment, planning and purchase of all media. Whether the plan calls for television, radio, outdoor, print, online, mobile, experiential or unusual forms of messaging, we can ensure you have access to the media opportunities you need.

Social media, mobile and digital advertising continue to grow and we’re right in the middle of it all, using our expertise to make the most of new technologies.

It all comes down to making the right choices for your campaign.

strategic media planning

Our approach to media planning is to gather the information and produce strategies that address your marketing and advertising goals and objectives. Everything is customized to your needs.

Our planning is completed with careful consideration to a variety of factors that affect the outcome of your campaign and achieve peak awareness, such as target audience prioritization, geographic area targeting and campaign timing. We are experts at knowing how much advertising weight is needed and when.

We will work alongside you and your creative team to ensure the best possible media mix for the ideas and messages you want your audiences to hear. All of this is done with an unmatched attention to detail and the assurance that your campaign will get the job done, on budget.

We provide comprehensive documentation, including material deadlines, mechanical specifications and any other information you need for the execution of your campaign.

media buying / accounting and reconciliation

Our buying philosophy is simple: tough but fair. We want our clients to get the best possible rates for their campaigns. If there’s one thing we’ve learned throughout the years, it’s that unreasonable buyers don’t get the best rates or added value.

We deliver our clients the best possible rates for their campaigns, but are also open to alternatives. Having a bit of leeway means that we get called when there’s remnant space or last minute deals.

Mediactive has a dedicated team of professionals that handle all aspects of media billing, quality control and reconciliation. We cater to the needs of your accounting department by supplying proof of performance and balancing every job to the penny in a timely fashion.

media research

Technology and media consumption is evolving, so we constantly research audiences and media habits to make sure we get what you need.

Some research databases are more useful than others. Those with substantial sample sizes and more relevant information tend to get our attention. We subscribe to these types of databases simply because they deliver the best resources. For each of our clients, we make use of extensive access to all of the typical media research programs—these include the ones you’re used to but also some you may not be familiar with.

project management

In addition to media expertise, we ensure your projects are taken care of in the most efficient and seamless manner, which is why our team is trained in Project and Account Management.

In addition to taking direction from the client or creative agency account team, Mediactive is capable of managing your entire project from conception through to campaign completion. Whether you require strategic planning, budgeting, estimating or project management, we will guide your campaign to a successful conclusion.






The Mediactive team consists of a number of talented media planning and buying professionals with many years of experience in the industry. Each member of our staff has a passion for media, a penchant for learning about new media evolution and a beautifully creative mind. The Team is led by Tania Nease and Kevin Menshik.

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